1995 acura legend, the air /con does not get cold in hot weather. it has been charge up, the condenser fan?

the condser fan does not click on, I have check all fuses, what next/


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i seen alot of stuff go wrong on legend a/.c. after checking the condenser fan, if its not working check if there power going to the driver side fan with the a/c on. if not, check and see if your blower motor " defrost, then feet, and dash option" is working. if not its your climate control unit. if you have a problem e-mail me I'll help ya. dsmarrero2000@yahoo.com

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If the fan never comes on check the relay, should be on the side of the fan shroud. You can test the relay by testing for continuity first between terminals 86 and 30, then 86a and 30. If open both ways, replace it. You can use a standard Bosch style relay if you're familiar with wiring them up, otherwise hit your salvage yards. That relay for my 94 Integra was $70 at the dealer, versus a $10 relay at Autozone.

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dude go to autozone they find out whats wrong for free. =)

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does a/c turn? could be all sort of poss. bad wiring up front, pressure switch at receiver dryer, fan control unit under false floor at passengers feet, very common for condensor to leak, all kinds of stuff.
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