1972 CHEVY truck power steering bracket?

i have a none power steering 1972 chevy pickup truck with a 350 4 barrell carb. i have went and purchased an original power steering setup for the truck. the power steering pump bracket has the two bolts holes that mount to the front of the engine block,then their is another part of the bracket that either mounts to the side of the engine block on the drivers side of the block or does it mount with the manafold? i dont see a bolt hole on the side of the engine block for it to mount to. could someone tell me how this bolts up to the side of the engine block.


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Aftermarket brkt kit with bolts and brackets and chrome are readily available and cheap...and they come with illustrations

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Try Classic Industries. They sell original style bracket kits for that. You will have to make sure everything lines up correctly with your pulleys and make sure you have a duel belt pulley on the crankshaft.

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the bracket bolts to the manifold
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