1989 s-10 pickup won't start.?

It's turning over, but it doesn't fire. It could possibly be the fuel pump, but my feeling is that it would have died on the road if it was the fuel pump. (Although I could have just been lucky) Plus, I removed the injectors and there was gas in one of the lines. I cleaned them with carb cleaner, but I still get nothing. So is there a way to test for any electrical problems that would lead to it not getting any gas? I tested the wires that are connected to the injectors with the key on, but they didn't register on the meter. Is that my problem or did I just test them wrong? And one more thing: Can running out of gas cause the fuel pump to die?


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Test for spark first, then if you have spark move to the fuel system. one way to test the fuel pump would be to unplug the fuel line somewhere just before the fuel fliter. then have someone try to start the engine if fuel comes out of the line then you fuel pump is working, if not it could me one of many things like a fuse, relay or the fuel pump itself.

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Hey, A quick easy way to check your fuel pump is by ear. When you turn your key on the pump will run for about 5 seconds to pressure up the lines. Climb underneath and put your ear to the gas tank, have someone turn on the key and listen, you should be able to hear the pump run. This might aslo be a spark related issue, check your ditributor and your coil as well. Running out of gas might cause your pump to suck up watert or debree that might be clogging your filter. Good luck!

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spark, compression, fuel and the motor should run. when you turn on the key, all fo the inj. get power,but the ecm supplies ground. you will need a node lite to check the injectors electrictly. when you run something out of fuel, you end up pumping all of rust, water, crap from the bottom of the tank into the fuel system so you could have clogged up the fuel filter, I would check for spark, since you pulled one of the injectors already, crank it over with it out and you should see
a fine mist of fuel. it has to be one or the other but this should point you in the right direction

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May be the ignition coil. Pull one of the wires off one of the spark plugs and hold the end of the wire near the tip of the spark plug as someone cranks the engine. Make sure you don't touch any metal on the plug wire or you'll get a jolt!

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If you see spark, then the problem is likely fuel supply.

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on a chevy it is most common that when they will not start it is the fuel pump chevy are known for bad pumps.i wouled try that first.

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Could be a plugged fuel filter.Try putting a little gas in the throttle body and see if it will start .If it does change the fuel filter.

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Another possibility is the ignition module. I used to own a GMC S-15 that went through two ignition modules. When they go, your truck becomes a really big paperweight. To find it, remove the distributor cap, and look beneath the rotor.
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