What do you think this is worth? 1988 Porsche 944 104K R-Title (but excellent condition)?

I have been in the car business for ten years and am a manager at a new Honda dealership.

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I sold my father an '88 Red Porsche 944 (not turbo, Lthr, PL, PB, stick, SR)) back in '98 for 6K. The car is in excellent condition (and I truly do mean excellent) and has only had about 2000 miles put on it since he bought it. It is inspected, and runs well. Everything works. The body looks perfect. the interior looks new. Even the rubber spoiler is still factory black (not faded).

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I ran a Kelley and it is coming between 3500-4700 private party (he wants to sell it privately). It has 104K. The thing that is really throwing me off is that it was a reconstructed vehicle (but the best job I have ever seen - I would know it was an R unless I really checked the body during an appraisal.

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Normally I would cut the value in half because of the R brand, but I am not sure what would happen on the private market.

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How much do you think he can reasonably expect to sell it for?


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I've always found KBB or similar sources to rather low when it comes to used Porsches. Not sure for the reasoning here, but their numbers are always quite low compared to what I see from my involvement with Porsche Club Of America.

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From what you descibe, I think it would be reasonable to see about $4800-5500 for the car. However, the title issues is something that would make quite a few Porsche buyers run away and could seriously devalue the car - no matter how well the work has been done.

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The more information you have on work done the better (I know many that go so far as to document all major work and repaints with photos at each step of the way so that future buyers can see that the work was done "right."). At least having info on who did the work, when, and receipts would be needed to get close to the value you might be looking for. Without that the KBB numbers may actually be high.

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The 944 is an entry porsche, and a good looking one at that with a 4 cyl up front and a transmission in back to balance the car.( what a selling point) To a young kid or first timer all they see is PORSHE I would ask 5000.00 and push its a PORSCHE, in great condition, and keep in mind 944 in good condition are hard to find. Let the buyer know its been reconstructed but professionally then change the subject on how much your dad loves it and how he hates to see it go.
Its a beautiful reliable car that happens to be a PORSCHE Its worth every bit of 5000.00. I can already see you driving this car and enjoying every minute of it. what price do you put on happiness?
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