1988 chevy silverado burned wires then fixed but ran rough?

I did take the advise from the answers that I received and did some tests. The problem is still the same, the wires that got burnt were to the 4-weel drive unit after fixing them the truck ran but very rough no throttle and missfired, then I started to adjust the timming and then it quit the is no power to the 30amp ignition fuse's, what would cause this and where do these fuses get their power from? I know that one of the fuses goes to the fuel pump and that has no power either .wow I hate electrical problems


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Check the fusible links. Probably on the starter solenoid. Those things will cause some really crazy stuff to happen.

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you are still missing something. Bad wire somewhere you will have to keep looking. just go slow no short cuts it will only take longer. You need to find a shop with an all-data program that can give you a printout of where the wires go and what they do. this will make tracing wires much easier.

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problem spots are just above the tranny across the back of the engine, on the frame just below the firewall on the drivers side, look for a wire clamp wires always getting chaffed in this spot. Good luck

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You must have missed a burnt wire somewhere. The wire might even be some were under electrical tape or even wire loom that looks fine. You will have to pull the tape and loom to see first hand.

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use a multi-meter and start checking all wires for conductivity and resistence
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