1972 volkswagen beetle?

what is the difference between a 1972 Beetle and a 1972 Super Bug, is there any difference at all?


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The main difference between the standard Beetle and the Super Beetle is the front suspension. The super used a McPherson strut front end.

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Supers came out in 1971. For the first 2 years (71 & 72) they used a flat windshield like the standard Beetle.

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In 1973 theywent to a rounded windshield and increased the size of the car.

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In 1974 they changed the way the struts mounted.

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From 1968 and up, from the doors back standard Beetles and Supers are the same.

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Pick up a Hot VW's magazine and check out what you can do to an old Bug.

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bigger motor in the super and they had cool looking stripes

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super bug has differnt motor and rounder windshield

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The engines are the SAME!
The main difference is that the Super Beetle has strut type front suspension and the Beetle has the torsion bar type.
The windshield is only different between convertible and regular roof.All convertibles are Super Beetles but not all Supers are convertibles.The front fenders and hood are also unique to Supers.

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all 72's had a flat windscreen, didn't they? super has more interior room and struts. beetle has less interior room and torsion bars or something like that.

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I wasn't aware there was a SB in 72. Pretty sure they came out in 73. I had one. Different look with a curved windsheild that gave you a bit of a dashboard. More trunk space. Front suspension totally different. Drives differently(much less boxy) Wouldn't take it on as rough roads in the bush. Velour seats.

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Also the spare tire sits different in the super than in the regular-very minor, but makes it quick and easy to tell what youre looking at.
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