1993 bmw 325i?

i have a 1993 bmw 325i 4 door the power windows stopped working i checked the fuses it was good .is there a window relay? and under the milege what is the symbol it has lines green to red what are they thanks dale


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If all the windows have stopped working a few things it may be.

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1 Is the window master switch in the "Lock" position? This is located on the centre consol between two of the window switches. It is not marked (I believe it has a dimple on it). Switch it the other way, you may be lucky

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2 You may have a relay problem. Check for loose relays and also check the drain hole in the engine compartment box is clear. If blocked, it can flood during rain and short out.

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3 You may have a connection issue in the centre consol. It is fairly easy to pull out the switches to check for loose fittings or corrosion.

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The dash symbols are teh service indicator lights. After a service your mechanic should reset them to 5 green. Over time, they will go out to indicate when your next service is due. When the yellow comes on you should take it in. If the red comes on, take it in straight away. BMWs like regular servicing "on-time".

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Yes should have relays.But where,maybe near,or under fuse box.Just found out that 89 thru 97 bmw have electrical problem do to cheap made wiring harnesses.A friend of mine his car caught on fire.

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I'd suggest getting a repair manual so you can trace the circuit; or get a trustworthy independent mechanic - or both.

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You may find that you have a corroded wire.
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