17" Rims or a Xbox 360, what would you buy?

I have some money saved up for a 360 but 17" Motiegi (sp?) Racing MR7 would look pretty nice under my new lancer compaired to the steel wheels it has now.. I am torn between two of my favorite things, games and cars.. What wold you buy?


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the 360 because you'll never have to worry about it getting stolen.

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I wouldn't buy MR7s, its the worlds most played out, heavy, not particularly good looking wheel. They weigh a ton which will slow your car down, and everyone and their mom has them because they're cheap. All Motegis, aside from the Trak Lite, are WAY heavy for aluminum rims. And the trak lites are like 250 a pop. Get Rotas if you want a nice cheap wheel.

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Xbox 360, no question about it. Sure your car will look nice, but what's more fun, playing videogames or having people tell you your car looks nice? Settled.

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Go with the rims first, that cost more then a 360, then get the 360 =)

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i would get the rims. they will last you alot longer than the 360 will...i mean i'm sure it'll be outdated in a year or two. plus the ladies would most likely rather roll around in a car that gets looks from other drivers rather than playing video games.

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get the rims r u that stupid xbox360 blows... get rims skrew video games ur 2 old for that

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Rims not everyone is going to see the inside of the car it would be way more of a head turner with the rims

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I personally would have much more fun with a set of light weight wheels than I would a video game.

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Either play it at home or drive it in the real world....one is to his own!

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