1995 Pontiac Grand Prix "2nd Gear Start"?

im about get a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix.. and i was wonderin... what is 2nd Gear Start... theres a switch to turn it on or off... whats it for and what dose it do..

Neigbhors cat jumping on cars. overheard a lexus owner that it will be over in few days. should i report?

sorry, dont know much about cars... if someone can help...

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- Derrick


1990 ford taurus all lights work except brake lights no turn signals in backand radio comes on but not the tun

2nd gear start forces the transmission to use 2nd gear and above when driving. This can be an advantage in slippery conditions(especially snow/ice) by reducing torque on the drive wheels at take-off--thus preventing wheelspin.

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pontiac only put that switch on a few year models,it's supose to help in low traction conditions & improve fuel econ.
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