1967 Camaro RS?

I have a 1967 RS Camaro and the roof pillars are crushed how do I go about repairing this problem. I have searched all over the web looking for replacement parts but to no avail nothing


1998 +lincoln town?

Take it to a reputable bodyshop. They have sources you haven't even thought of.

What would cause a low idle on 1995 Chrysler Cirrus?

Good luck.

My pal ordered a "chip" for his 96 dodge ram V8, and I need your opinion...?

A body shop may be able to pull and straight the pillars but I think your looking at possibly locating a donor car and cutting the pillars out and replacing them. How did the pillars get crushed? Here is a source for some usable parts. Now may be a good time to look at making it a convertable.

How do you open the fuse panel on a 2001 buick century custom?


240sx in nebraska?

Go to a shop

Pls some body tell me why my car Honda accord 88 model injector they consumed more fuel?

You'll probably have to cut them off an old one from a junk yard or you could just make it a convertible and wear goggles!

2002 dodge neon?

Try Classic Industries for those parts, they sell replacement body parts. I know they had a firewall and windshield pillar combination. Ask for Mike and tell him Paul sent you. I used to work there.
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