1995 toyota 4runner, when it gets hot it wont start.?

i replaced fuel filter and egr valve,any ideals?


Will 24 inch wheels fit on a chrysler aspen truck?

Get a Haynes Repair Manual at the local Auto Zone or auto parts store in your area. It will troubleshoot and show you how to fix your vehicle. Also on the Auto Zone site has a section for vehicle maintenance. Bookmark it.

Whats the differences a 12 bolt truck rear end and a 12 bolt car rear end?

When your engine gets TOO HOT it redetonates the gas for one thing. Anyway, if you do not notice ANY water leaks then the radiator needs to be recored.

Chevy metro?

See if when the engine is hot is the fans are working if you have them. If they are not then do this. Hotwire them directly to the battery. If they work then you need another fan thermostat for them. Buy the book to tell you where it is.

About to purchase 2007 Honda Accord LX-SE V6. Does this model have any flaws, I know hondas are good.?

If the fans are working and NO LEAKS detected then the radiator is clogged up. It has tubes with water running thru them. Enough get clogged up and not enough water running thru to properly cool off. Yes, you will still see water circulating but that is the water on top.

I need a source to justify this assumption - Jaguar aims to move into SUVs as Porsche, Mercedes & BMW.?

So if you see a leak replace the hose or hoses. Then check the fans. If they work, then the radiator is the culpurt. If your water pump goes out, you WILL notice that with water leaking.

I need to decide between a between buying a RAV 4 and a Honda CRV.?

Carry the spark tester (link below) with you and the next time it happens, connect the spark tester and see if you have spark or not. If you don't, you troubleshoot from there.

Does anyone know how to remove a factory 2003 Honda Civic radio?


RSX Question?

change air cleaner, also check for spark

2000 Nissan Maxima SE - problems with acceleration?

Sounds like you might have a short or something along those lines on the neg battery terminal. The neg battery terminal leads to the starter and may not start when hot.

Would it be better if i just added a turbo on my 94 accord or swap it first with iether an h22 or k20 first?

check if any gas is going to the engine,spark,check relays,temp,current,the basics.
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