How Can I bypass or change the idel cutoff jet for a 1971 1600 engine..?

I have a 1971 1600 Engine in my VW bug... And it dies sometimes at a stop light.. and sometimes it runs perfect and never dies at the stop light.. but someon told me that it is because of the idel cut off selnoid.. that it can be changed or bypassed... so was just wondering how I can do that.. thanks


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on your particular motor it should be a 1600cc dp w/ a 32 or a 34pict-3 carburetor which has that idle cutoff switch on the left side of the unit. Yes, that kind can be bypassed. What you do is take it off and take some cutting dykes and completely cut that piston off of it then screw it back into place. No need to plug the connector back in it. Notice that on the earlier carbs like the 30 pict the idle cutoff is on the right side of the carb, now those cant be bypassed they have to be replaced. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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