04 f150 grill?

i have the bar style grill and i am wondering if i can put a honeycomb grill on like this one (ps its a f150 stx 4.6)http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ford-f150...


How to install a starter 1985 corvette?

yep, very simple repair, you just need a 10 or 11mm socket and ratchet... I small bungee cord helps hold the hood closer to you when you are changing it.

Ford Focuss and Jeep Liberty?

Hope it helps.

What kind of filter and oil do I use in a 1973 winnebago with a 318 dodge engine?

go to stillen.com (think that is correct) and you can order the right one there,

Looking for a low profile rear spoiler for a 86 mercedes 560sl?

I am sure you can. The grille inserts just pop in, I've seen all kinds of custom inserts from the guys at the truck plant.

Are there any cars that will interchange parts with a 1968 buick skylark special?

If your f150 is a 04, 05, 06 or 07 this one will fit.
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