1994 cavalier?

dose this car have a buzzer 4 when your headlights are on ?


How do you fix dash and tail lights on 1995 mercury sable i check fuses an bulbs what else can i look for?

Yes, it is called a multi-function chime module. If any of your car's warning systems call for a chime to be heard, this is your unit. It is active for the ignition key, seat belt light activation on the dash and for headlights left on when motor off. They are usually located in the drivers footwell up under the dash. Kind of a pain in the *** to get to. Good luck.

Where can I buy a cold air intake for a 1995 Ford Taurus SE? ...?

Not for this year. But you can rig one up.

What is the Timing Belt settings on a 1992 toyota truck or when can I find them?

Yes, older models have them as the new cars have automatic lights.
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