177 weiand super charger?

Does anyone have a 177 weiand supercharger installed on a small block chev.Whats the performance like and how well do they run.


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177 is a fairly small displacement blower 4-6 psi of boost, they work ok ! I have ran many of larger blowers 6-71,8-71,10-71 and 14-71 blowers on gas, alcohol and nitromethane. for the street I perfer a vortech, procharger centrifical supercharger, they build less heat and fan up a little slower reducing crankshaft stress, I have made many dyno pulls with both and have never had any issuses, My customers have been very happy and you dont have to alter hood to fit car.

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I'm getting ready to put one on my corvette, with a small 100 horse shot of nitrous to cool the intake temps. I'm running mine on gasoline, but my buddy ran one on alcohol, on a high compression 400 smallblock chevy, and ran 9.70's in a 3500 hundred pound 1970 chevelle.
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