02 mustang GT automatic gray with 68k and $10500, or a 02 mustang GT 5 speed Red with 37k and it is $14995?


Need a great price on a transmissions. HELP?

Red 02 GT 5 speed.

E-mail address of Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan for customer service?

which ever you like better. i'm guessing you are asking which one is better?

Where can I obtain a 2005 Mercury Marquis Owners Manual?

depends on ur budget and if u want a car wit lower mileage

2000 dodge intrepid?

While the Grey Mustang would be nicer, I would stay away from Automatic. Go with the 5 speed. Don't settle, look for your car..

Can you install the utillity track system in a Nissan Titan truck that came without utility track?

go big red... and it's been driven half as much as the other...

Looking at a subaru forester; has anyone had any major problems with theirs and if so, what was the problem?

5 spd 8-).

Modifying a 305 chevy small block?

Plus, if you're planning to modify the car you'll have a foundation with less miles to build upon.

I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

whats the condition of each one? look for wear and tear just dont look a price one may have been mantained better.

What is the problems of Porsche 911 Turbo 2005 &2006?

I disagree with Botts95, the automatic is stronger.
Look at the towing rates, it's much higher with an automatic.

Renault Megane 1998 - Problem with Central Locking?

I once read that red cars get involved in more accidents than any other color and yellow is the safest color (that's why school buses are yellow).

Can you sleeve a Chevy 350?

My '04 GT is silver. Why it's silver is a long story but I would rather have had the gray or yellow.

How do I remove the manual shift KNOB on my 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited 4dr?

What it boils down to is wether you like shifting gears or not. If you like banging thru the gears get the 5 speed otherwise go with the gray automatic.

F22B1Vtech VS. H23A1 HONDA?

One other thing...go to www.nada.com and check out the price/value of the cars.

Why is Toyota Prius a hybrid car?

High book on the 5 spd is $14575
High book on the auto is $13400
so the 5spd is over priced and the auto is a good deal assuming that the cars are both in excellent condition.
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