1993 Ford thunderbird heating problems?

I have a 1993 ford thunderbird that has problems heating up. I changed the thermostate and waterpump. Ive burped it to get the air out. What happens is when i first drive it cold it will heat up and then the temp gauge will jump and almost get out of the normal range and the heat inside the car will get cold. sometimes it will get warm for a minute and get cold again. Im lost.


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sorry to say but you need new head gaskets sounds like the exhaust side ports of your head gaskets blew have the heads sent to a reputable machine shop to have checked the headgasket set runs about 100.00 or so dont forget new head bolts those are torque to yield bolts. gl2u man.

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Air pockets in cooling system, if the engine is a 3.8L looks like head gasket trouble

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Usually that indicates air bubbles in your cooling system. Could be that you have a stopped-up place somewhere from particles in your radiator. You might want to try getting it flushed. Then, there's always the possibility of a bad sensor somewhere.

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are you losing a lot of water? white smoke coming out the exhaust? blown head gasket or cracked head.

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you may have installed the thermostat backwards or even have a bad temp sender
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