1966 mustang with a 302 (not 289 engine was replaced). Need Carb assistance.?

OK so i am looking to buy a new carb. I want to be able to really puch it if i need to. I want that power. So any suggestions


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I think you should use a Holly 650, but Check with the experts on my list

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i would have to suggest getting a quadrajet carb, there not too expensive and they have a good amount of power but the hard part is trying to find one, they stopped making them in the early 90's i believe.

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First off do you have a 2 or 4 barrel manifold ?
Second, Have you done any engine mods ?

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4 barrel no mods: Holley 600 or 650 or Edlebrock 600 or 650

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A little more information on you engine would be a great help

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Go w/ a Holley no larger than 600 cfm

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I first want to say I love the fact that your keeping a dying breed of cars alive! Second I would go with a Holley they have always worked great for me. I put one on my 1965 Mustang (but I have a 289) coupe. I hope it eorks out for you!

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I love the holley carbs.they are simple and quite dependable. I run a 670 dual inlet single pumper four barrel on my 350 chevy drag car. the size of carburetor you run will not necessarily make the car run any faster. if it is only capable of pulling 500 cfm then any thing bigger is pretty much overkill. However it doesn't hurt to run too big a carb. If you are getting more rad in the future then by all means carb up now.

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I would find someone that knows how to tune what you have before spending any money. if you can get it right you might be suprised. also... maybe rebuilding that carb with some trick parts might help too. a good cleaning, new gaskets, and some add ons could really make a difference.
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