What the H - E - double hockey sticks is a TATA??

Just looking through the list of auto makes here, and never heard of this make of car.


How do i change the fuel filter by the tank on my audi a4 1996?

It's an Indian (not American) made car.Or it's 1 of two boobs.

I own a Buick Ranier but have not seen another one on the road. Why?

Indian car co. It is their biggest, I believe.

Anyone own a Chrysler 300M?

TATA is the biggest auto maker in India. They make Trucks and Passenger cars. They have been around in India for more than a 100 years now and have manufacturing locations all around India.

98 Ford Explorer Blinking O/D (overdrive light)?

some indian car

If I buy a base Acura RSX can I get it supercharged?

Indian auto manufcature they make small cars for over populated areas

Pimpin' a Toyota Anyone??

oo good question. truth is, i have no clue either!
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