What do you think of the 2007 Volvo V70? Good, bad, indifferent?


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Not a big fan of the newer Volvo's, after 1997 - the design changed, Ford bought them. While people seem to like the body better now - no more boxy look, they have lost their integrity. Much more expensive to repair.

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indifferent, i dont really like Volvo's

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I would not consider any Volvo later than a 940 model which went out of production in the mid-90s. The newer Volvos have proven to be very expensive to maintain and are certainly not as reliable as the older models. Do as much research as possible before deciding on a new Volvo. There are better alternatives.

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anything up to 98 is a damn good car when they made the99 s80 everything went to **** with volvo.

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Yes Volvo's are expensive the are expensive to matain due to complex components, Yes you will get more problem's with a 2007 year V70 that a 90 whatever 940, Wake up people there is alot more in a car these days that can go wrong and will cost more due to the complex circuitry and design and demands by you ,yes the customer, for the manufacture to put every mod/con that will interest you into a Volvo than in the early 90's even the handbrake is operated electrically in these baby's, there a nice car, comfortable, smart looking, very safe, drive nice, So far so good, they have been keeping away from my workshop, I wouldn't buy a new car myself but if i was interested in my family's safety and was looking for a practical good looking estate with a hint of modern coolness mixed in, not to much,Who wants to be flashy(ha ha) there a good buy, the V70 has a strong resale record,if you buy it enjoy and embrace,

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I love Volvo's...

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The 07' V70 is a lovely wagon with style.

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I say go for it. I own a S60 and have never been happier with a car in my life.
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