Can a 1999 Lexus RX300 run on regular fuel?

In the process of looking for a smaller SUV, someone suggested to me a 1999 Lexus RX300. i absolutely love the idea of having this car! it is beautiful, a good size, luxurious, and best of all, it fits my $12,000 dollar budget! the only drawback is the gas mileage - i would be getting around 19-20 mpg. i might be able to handle that, but one of the review sites i visited says that Lexus recommends premium fuel. i know i cant afford to drive 60 miles a day in an SUV using premium fuel. but i read an article in Consumer Reports saying that some engines that reccommend premium fuel will reckonize the knocking caused by using regular [instead of premium] fuel and adjust the engine timing and etc. accordingly. i am guessing [and hoping] that an expensive luxury vehicle like a Lexus will be able to do this. so, would it be safe to use regular fuel in this vehicle? thank you for any help!


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You could do it but that is not what a dealer will tell you. The veh is equiped with a knock sensor that retards the spark timing should the fuel quality be so shoddy that the engine begins to knock( which actually by our ears sounds more like a ping)
Here is the problem though. Your mileage. The amount of mileage reduction by using std uL verses prem uL is astounding. if it got 19 on Prem, you might get 13-14 with the wind at your back on fartgo fuel. best bet: buy the car if you like it. its a safe machine wit 20ms airbags. I like that for you. Take off like a granny on Sunday always and you will notice a huge difference in economy. the take off is where all the fuel goes my friend. once the mass is moving, mileage is no problemo. I like BMW's and MERZ myself but if I had to choose an asian veh., it would be Toyoto MoCo's pride; The Lexus

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Yes you can but you will be losing on mileage as that will go down further.

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Yes you can run regular in this car and it wont hurt it. I would put 89 octane in if you cant afford the 93.I wouldnt go any lower or your gas mileage will suffer even more

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Yes, you could drive the Lexus RX300 on regular fuel instead of plus or premium fuel, but i wouldn't get anything lower than 89 octane, if you could get the 91 octane, anything lower and the engine will be very inefficient and your gas mileage will decrease, one reason the lexus engine is able to get very low emission rating and good gas mileage is because high octane gas means the engine is operating more efficiently and smoothly providing you with a smooth and more powerful ride, running on low octane will decrease from that because low octane gas isn't filtered as good as high octane gas and contains more "junk" in the gas.

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But don't worry, you should be fine, it is perfectly safe to use regular fuel, even though its better to use premium fuel to get the most from your engine.

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We bought a 2001 RX 300. We love it and have never put anything but regular in it. Only problem is '99 thru '01 Rx 300's have the sludge engine. Toyota just gave warranties to all these vehicles because of engine failure. Check this out!! If you still get this suv be CERTAIN you change the oil every 3000 miles.
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