1994 ford escort how to you add transmission fluid on a manual?

The hole that the book is indicating is very small. Cannot get fluid to go in.


There is no other way to take hubcaps off a 86 buick centry?? without the special tool ..?

manual transmissions don't use fluid

Why is subaru symmetrical AWD important?

It's a difficult job, since the factory doesn't anticipate ever having to change it. Generally, you only need to fill it if you have a leak - and the box needs to be removed to fix the leak, anyway. You will need a funnel and a long, narrow pipe that fits into the fill hole with a tiny bit of room to spare (clear is best, so you can see when it stops going down.) Take your time. Heating the oil by putting the bottle in hot water for a few minutes is also a good idea - it will flow down the pipe more easily.

Will an S15 Fender, Hood, and Front Bumper fit on an '96 240sx or will I have to buy the conversion kit?

Speedometer gear is removed and fill from there.
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