What do you think of a Mercedes E300? Looking into buying one.?

I am looking at a 1995 E300 or E330 (I don't remember the number but I am thinking 300) with 120,000 miles on it. It needs a Windshield and Muffler that I will put in. I am a chevy nut so I am not familar with these cars. Let me know any suggestions, prices, availability of parts in the N.C. area. Thanks!


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The Mercedes E class was a world class car in 1995, but you're looking at a 12 year old car with 120,000 miles. You may get lucky and not have major problems, but the odds are against you. I've owned 3 E class Mercedes and every one started to have problems soon after 100,000 miles. All 3 started to shift poorly, which resulted in an expensive transmission swap. All 3 had muffler problems (you'll need to replace both the muffler and resonator - they both go out about the same time). Two of our cars needed Catalytic Converters (not cheap). Two had bad odometers which were replaced. Two needed valve guides (rebuilt cylinder head). Other problems were rear suspension link, loose steering, power seat switch, rear power window regulator, air cond freon leak, broken hood latch, noisy fader switch (for stereo), leaking engine gaskets and seals, etc.

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We truly enjoyed driving these cars and most times they were trouble free, but once 100,000 miles hit, they needed constant work.

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Good luck.

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buy american

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Mediocre reliability, anything other than fun to drive, obscenely expensive parts and repairs - both needed regularly... I love this car! When somebody else owns it, that is.

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E300 is old model. Was great at the time, but is cost lot to repair, So don't get without full and long warranty

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I've heard stories with the electronics.Mercedes made a bad move by joining with Chrysler.The last two years 2006 and 2007 are good cars as the engineers are now top managers again. Not former Mc Donald's C.E.O.s trying to run a car company.
I bought a pre 1986 diesel and run wvo(free fuel),you save a bunch doing that. Good Luck.

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E320. The '95 is the last of the pre-W210 debacle Mercedes. The only problem area I know of is the wiring system: the insulation hardens and cracks. This was addressed in a recall, NHTSA 95V031000. If this has been taken care of (Mercedes will look up the service history for you if you have the serial number), there is no reason why this wouldn't be a 200K mile car.

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Chrysler wasn't ruined by Mercedes until 1998, prior to that, Mercedes had no excuse for their mistakes. It's true that later Mercedes are problematic money-eaters. But the '95 should be a sweet car to own. Parts and repairs will be comparable to any other car, unless you need major engine or transmission work.

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I would and i wouldnt go for it. The reason why I wouldnt is because that amount of miles, there also like all euro cars are not cheap to fix. I would go for it because mercedes are awesome.

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Its an expensive car to fix. 120,000 miles may be it for the engine (very cheaply made, not your daddys mercedes).
Youre not going to be going to the junkyard to pick up parts for it.. youll be hitting your dealer, or if youre lucky, ebay.

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A/C Compressor-$925
Automatic Transmission or Transaxle-$1,960
Exhaust System-$970
Shocks and/or Struts-$1,440
Timing Chain or Belt-$645
Universal Joints-$685
Premium fuel only

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Common problems:
ECU failure
Timing chain stretches
hazard light switch
Convertable roof leaks, latches break
poorly made transmissions
misfiring due to poor quality wireharness
instrument cluster failure
valve tapping
faulty maf

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why buy that old of a benz if you can't afford at least an 2000 then go get tou somthing like a honda
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