What car make do u like better chevy ford or dodge?


Camaro, windshield washer on fritz, but wipers still work, is washer pump in the motor itself or elsewhere?


I have a 2005 Ford Focus and my Key wont turn the ignition is it true that Focus's ave baf ignitions?

Mopar or No Car.

Is there a power door lock fuse on a 2005 Chrysler T&C?


Install Xenon Headlights for 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT?


Do you love your bimmer and why?

I've been a loyal Chevy dude for life. Chevy...Like a Rock!!

How much would it cost to lease a new infiniti g35?


So what car does JeffyB drive?? LOL?

camaro,corvette,chevy II,nova,chevelle,impala,bel-ai... dont buy a dodge

Whoof arted?

DODGE...my parents have only owned dodges and never had problems

Are there mitsubishi Evolution 7 in the united states?

In my opinion I would pick Chevy or Dodge. I really don't think ford has a nice selection. They only have the mustang and exscape that interests me. As for Chevy and Dodge I could name several actractive cars and trucks!

Why are Fiat bodies so weak?

I have used many vehicles in the past 38 years, I am a Mopar man myself. That is Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth.But as of late, General Motors ie: Cadillac , Buick, Oldsmobile,Pontiac and Chevrolet.I have had great luck with Oldsmobile.Ford for me was always second best compared to Mopar.Ford which also makes Mercury and Lincoln had some really great cars.As of today, I still have my 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport Station with 184,000 miles and still runs strong.Never burns a lick of oil between changes.I just have to use banding iron to keep the floorboards attached to the body.I also have a 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager with 173,000 miles.Cars are only as good as their owners.Take care of them and they will take care of you.

My vw golf e sdi has,nt got the central locking i want the remote central locking kit is there any vw good kit

Honda, Toyota or Nissan

245/35/19 275/30/19 for OEM BMW M3 19"?

Dodge by far.

Jaguar s type warranty?

chevy altough i own a pontiac.

Can someone give me a source of information regarding the '87 Mustang LX that I previously asked about?

dodge followed by ford.had a chevy and it was the biggest piece of crap to keep running,and as a diesel engine mech in the army,i know crap when i see it,and crap wears a bowtie to work. my dodge dakota has just passed 144k miles of hard work and doesnt even care.my old ford i sold with 183k miles on it,good truck,cept for the trannies i got.had a shop do the tranny cause i didnt have the time myself
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