1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 ?

Hey guys ! I am buying a 1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 for my stepsons first car. How well do these vehicles perform and what problems should I watch out for.


2003 Volkswagen Golf is it a Good Car?

just research the vehicle's history thoroughly. get ready to help him with gas money..it's a guzzler :) other than that, it's one hell of a used truck that should put him through college.

I have a 2007 toyota with cloth seats, where can I find some?

My ex husband has over 300,000 miles on his 93 4Runner and it still runs fine. He has the oil changed every 3000 miles, used high octane gas, and has all of the regular maintenance done on it in a timely way. He's fantatical about all of that.

Where can i find the anti theft code for my 1990 maxima?

He would tell you to NEVER, EVER, EVER, go to Jiffy Lube and ALWAYS use Toyota oil filters.

Compare 1998 Corvette to 2006 Mustang GT?

they perform great nothing to be worried about
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