What Chevy engine was sold to Dodge so they could make the same engine?

I read something about this, but i forget what it was. It said that way back when, like in the sixties or sometime, GM had sold the blueprints of one of their engines to Dodge, so they could make the same engine. What engine was it?


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It had to do with engines made in Canada.
Mostly had to do with using similar engine blocks. Also durning WWII--- everyone was making everyones equipment in what ever factory there was space and man power. Government contracts were GOLD.

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i'm a die hard G.M guy but all makes have some great stuff to offer. so anyways, i never heard of this. try asking dodgeman on this CarQnA.com site. he seems pretty knowledgable. i did read somewhere that when dodge was designing the first viper, they started with a corvette and modified from there. cant remember where i read it or if it is true, but who knows. could be?!?

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Dodge doesn't have anything that good,so I doubt it.


they sold their aluminum Buick V8 to Rover in the 60's, it got used in the Triumph TR8. Maybe that's it

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Chry bought Roots group to get the Sunbeam sports car, but their engines didn't fit and they scraped it in 1968

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GM sold the tooling and licenced the right to produce the 215cid aluminum V8 to Rover in the mid-60's. The same basic engine was still used in land rovers into the '90s. GM never used it in a chevy, but two different versions were produced, an Olds version that went in the f-85/cutlass, and a buick version (different valve angles, higher valve covers) in the special/skylark and a few went in the pontiac tempest/lemans.

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The Buick V6 engine design was sold to Jeep in 1967 and bought back in 1974.

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In 1955 the 265 cubic inch engine was one of the smallest V8 engines offered by the big three U.S. automakers (see 264 Buick Nailhead, 241 Plymouth non-Hemi and 241 Dodge Hemi.

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This may be what you are looking for listed under the history section of the GM link in wikipedia.

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there is nothing that even resembles anything like a Chevy in a dodge. You must have dreamed it up some were.

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the chevy 2.8 V6 and the pontiac 2.5 'iron duke' were used in jeep cherokees in 83 & 84, but that's before chrysler bought amc. the 2.5 was redesigned & became the 2.46, and the 2.8 was scrapped in favor of amc's new 4.0

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215 ci
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