1990 olds 98 trouble code 41?

I have replcaed cam sensor and ecm,still getting a code 41 it is a used cam sensor so that may be the problem but don't know if and how they can be tested,runs fine just ses light is on all the time.


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Chances are you are not going to like this answer. Since you have already replaced the cam sensor which is the biggest cause of this, you probably have the second biggest cause of a code 41. This is the magnet that is attached to the cam gear has either been knocked off the gear by hitting the sensor or has melted off because of old age and the heat inside the motor have damaged the magnets attachment which is stupidly plastic. What you have to do is remove the cam sensor and use a mirror and a light to inspect the port hole into the motor. Leave the ignition off and slowly rotate the motor while looking for a knob about the size of pen end or the lack of the same. Chances are it will be totally missing. What to do if this is the case? You will have to remove the oil pan and the front cover to replace this magnet. While apart I would suggest to replace the timing chain and both gears as well. Make sure the bearing that holds the camshaft into the motor is replaced also as this is another culprit for knocking the magnet off by allowing the camshaft to move out. Fairly big and expensive job and because of my experience, use GM parts as the jobber stuff does not fit very good and usually knocks the magnet off again. Good luck.

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have Advance [or other store] reset your light.if thet doesnt work you might have to have the [rip off] dealer scan it...sometimes there r hidden codes that only [rip off] dealers can show...or just ask the dealer parts guy/gal what else could set off the code...my local guy is a wealth of free info.

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Did you reset the computer after you replaced the cam sensor.
A good idea is never to use electrical parts that have been previously used on another car.
Replace the sesor and ecm with new stuff, you can check pricing and availability at some of the major auto part stores.

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I own a shop, and can tell you this; Lets first state that you have an OBD-1 computer, and you can get the codes out of it by jumping the right top two connectors under the dash on the data link hook up. You probably already know this. To reset the computer you remove the negative battery cable for 20 seconds. Now, for the cam sensor. You can test the sensor with a multi-meter. Remove it from the vehicle, and set the meter to read the lowest scale on the AC voltage setting. Hook the meter to the two terminals of the sensor, and hold the sensor steady in one hand while passing a wrench or anything metal past the sensor within about a 1/4 of an inch. As you do this, do it quickly, and you should see the needle on the meter move. The sensor is a generator, and works by a button on the cam passing the sensor, thus creating a electrical charge. The computer reads these, and determines the position of the cam by the pulses from the generator. If the timing belt/chain is worn badly, the computer see's this as the cam sensor not functioning properly. If the sensor is good, then take a long hard look at replacing the belt or chain, which ever it has.
A code 41 can also be the ignition module, or a bad wire from the ignition to the computer. Get a can of electronic cleaner from a parts store. Clean all the computer related hook-ups, as I have seen a corroded connection do this. Check all ground straps that go from the engine to the body, and from the battery to the body/frame. Many times computer faults are caused by not enough power to the computer as in dirty battery cable, and/or a grounding problem. Always rule these out first thing. Believe me, I have seen some wild electronic problems solved by just cleaning the grounds.
Glad to help out, Good Luck!

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Yea the wonderfull code 41 EST.For giggles pull the cam sensor out make sure the magnet is still in the cam gear..cant remember if that would set a code 41.. but do know i have replaced alot of them would be bout the size of a dime maybe smaller. maybe the guys working at the independent shops can add to this..If I see anything older than a 2000 I cringe
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