1993 toyota corolla?

Hello, when I turn engine on, it does not turn over. Please let me know the possible reasons and solutions. I tried to jump start it, but no result.


1993 Nissan Maxima Transmission Rebuild?

If your battery's not dead and you here a click in the engine most likely a starter motor if no click might be park switch or ignition switch but rare. hope i could help.

How to replace the dash lights in a 1999 sentra?

Go to the shop or get a new one.

Honda Accord 2002 Gear Delay more than 3-4 sec?

Automatic or stick?could be neutral safety switch,bad battery,even w/jump starting.battery can be too far gone to take jump.bad starter,seized engine.Best bet,have it towed to a shop.

Has anyone had an electrical fault with a Peugeot 206 i start the car it beeps then i have to re set the clock

dead battery unable to charge buy a new one

I was wondering how to get my air bag light off it was set off by accident?

the starter solinoid may be bad. with the hood up look for the starter it'll be the big round thing bolted to the bottom of the engine going into the trans.there will be some wires attatched to it. turn the key on then take a screwdriver and touch the tips of the wires if the engine starts then replace solinoid

Ford f150 gauges?

1st turn on the headlights do they work? If they do you have power from battery. If not when jump starting make sure cables are connected correctly red on red black on black or + to + and - to - . Before jumping check oil make sure there is oil in motor. If the headlights don't work when jumping make sure to check battery cable ends for acid and and good clean connections. If bad clean connectors and reconnect or replace. If headlights work try to start in Neutral. to check neutral safety switch. If still no start take a 12 volt test light or a multimeter at starter connections to check for power while turning over. If power is present needs a starter.

Problems w/humming noise in Honda Odyssey 2007?

why don't you push it to the local GM dealer, trade it in, and get something reliable

Can the Mazda RX-8 be a family car? Will a car seat fit into the one of the rear bucket seats?

First, turn on your headlights and dome light. Try starting the engine. If the lights dim, it's probably the starter. If they don't, there is no power going to the starter. If it's a standard trans, make sure your floor mat hasn't bunched up under your clutch pedal. If that is ok, you will need to get it diagnosed at a shop. It could be a solenoid, safety switch, ignition switch, main relay or main fuse. If your car is an automatic, try starting it in neutral instead of park. If this doesn't work, follow the advice above for the same reasons.
good luck, I hope it's one of these easy fixes.

UK - BMW 316i (T Reg)?

If you had tried everything that everyone told you too,
it might sound ridiculous but make sure the car is in park.
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