1986 ford bronco II?

fuel guage dosn"t work what would cause this problem other than a blown fuse?


305 tbi problem??

Broken fuel gauge problem causes:
1. bad sending unit in the gas tank.
2. bad gauge in the dash
3. wiring problems between the sender and the dash
4. bad ground(s)
5. blown fuse

Does anyone know how to check Vin numbers for a 76 corvette? sites 4 checking the Vins say 1981 N up, plz help

sending unit

Is it worth holding onto a 240 Volvo wagon that is 18 years old?

just guess!!!!maybe a loose wire?!?!?!

Specs of a 67 mustang.?

Bad fuel sensor.
Unplugged wires at the tank.
Broken wire in the harness.
Bad gage.
Bring it by the shop Monday morning, and I'll take a look.

I have a 99 honda and the check engine light is on, what could this be?

If it stays on empty, the sending unit has a float, and it probably has fuel in it so it show empty.

I need the code for 99 cadilac escalade?

its probably the sending unit in fuel tank, your truck is old and you figure this part is in gas 24/7 so...
or your instrument cluster...
go to a junk yard and get a used gas tank, way easier than replacing that part..any more ?? just ask.

Back light?

the wires on top of the gas tank can come loose on this old truck. the connector is made of plastic and degrades

Mitsubishi shogun 10 disc cd changer?

You may first want to check connection of harness to tank, if this is not the problem,replace the sending unit in the fuel tank.This is where the fuel is actually measured and while you are at it since this vehicle is more than 20 years old. Replace the intank fuel pump and screen.

2003 vw passat i replaced the right cv joint and now i cannot get the abs light to shut off?

It is most likely the sending unit... however could also be your dash wiring or a dirty ground somewhere.
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