What are Neon Lights?


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Assuming you mean the hardware, they are long glass tubes which are evacuated to a pretty hard vacuum, then a tiny amount of a gas which can be Neon, Argon, Mercury vapor, etc., or a mix is put in. After a heat treatment, a high voltage put across the tube makes the gas glow, the color depending on the gases used. The equipment needed to suck down the tube, then add gas, and heat it costs about $2,000. To actually light an existing tube requires a ballast to provide high voltage while limiting the current or an RF supply.

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tubes with neon

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i think what you were referring to are the lights that go under your car for decoration. they are neon tube style lights designed to light the undercarriage of your car and give it the custom look.be careful as they are illegal in alot of spots .check withthe DMV where you live.if you live where there are alot of speed bumps or rough roads they may not be practical.also they are called street glow(sometimes).
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