1994 Ford Probe, one rf pop up headlight won't pop up. How do I fix it?

RF fender was replaced and evidently not adjusted properly, rubbed on pop up, probably burned out motor? How do I fix?


What are common problems on new fiestas?

try spraying it down with WD-40 and check the hoses for cracks and breaks

2001 Honda civic check engine light?

Start by adjusting the fender by loosening all the bolts (on the top, ussually one through the door frame with the door open, a couple on the bottom and possibly one behind the bumper). Then you'll need a new headlight assembly to keep it simple, if its a different color you should be able to CAREFULLY pop the cover off and swap it over. Then you just bolt the new light assembly in and hook it back up (its ussually 4 bolts holding them in) you'll have to adjust the assembly as well to get it straight, there should be some play in the bolt holes for this.
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