03 Dodge Ram Transmission was serviced but still slips in low gear. What do I need to do?

I have a 03 Ram 3500 auto. I had my tranny serviced a week ago and slips in low gear. I was told to have the bands checked, what will this run a guy$$$


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i hate to say this about an american car but dodge truck transmissions suck...all my friends that have bought dodge have had the same problems...my uncle designs the trans and i told him what crap there were before i knew he helped design them...i would get a ford or chevy if i were you...dodge trucks always are having trans problems but they are a nice looking truck

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$$ wise, I do not know.But if the vehicle is still under warranty, get it done thru where you bought the vehicle.A service done only inspects for damage and or defects and replacement of filters and fluid.It does not make any kind of repair.No warranty? Take to your local Trans Repair Shop and have them repair accordingly.

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trade that piece of **** off on a real truck and move on.

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when it was serviced did they adjust the bands every trans service I do I always adjust bands to me that is part of the service if they did adjust it did they do it correctly all bands are adjusted to different specs
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