1989 honda prelude 2.0 si motor?

i have a honda prelude 1989 2.0si i only had it for a little while and when i was driving the RPM's when down and the check service soon light came on and now my car wont start i already put in a new main relay switch a mechanic told me it was the timing chain and that it would be best if i get a motor cause if the timing chain broke then the head is no good were can i buy a motor please help as soon as possible


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It probably is your timing belt. Don't worry about replacing your engine. the one in it is just fine. The B20a5 ( the engine in your car ) is a non-interference engine, meaning when the belt breaks, the pistons won't hit the valves. Take my word for it. I had a 1991 Si and the same thing happened to me and the only thing I had to do was replace the belt. Also, pull your distributor cap off and check the rotor. The screw that holds it in place could have fallen out, causing the rotor to stop spinning. If the screw is intact, have someone watch the rotor while you try to start the car. If it doesn't spin, the belt is broken. Get it replaced and have the timing re-set.
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