1987 pontiac grand am 2.5 auto looses a pint or more of trans fluid a day. There are no visible leaks. Why?


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If you're losing a pint a day, and no puddle in the garage, it's more than likely a pressure leak. Park it, use the parking brake, put it in drive and let it run some. Probably find a leak.

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check the radiator for any oil from the trans cooler. other than that, look harder, or it could have a vacuum modulator leaking and pulling fluid through the vacuum hose and burning it through the engine, but i dont think this model has that part on it.

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I have to assume this is an automatic tranny here.Check by the tranny cooler lines going into the radiator.If no visible leaks,check the condition of the coolant itself.If milky or has reddish floaters in it,you may need a new radiator to keep these fluids separated.Also make sure the trans fluid is free from water after topping it off.
PS,crazr has the right idea,but most times you wuold see smoke from the tailpipe if this was the case.Clean valves,though!

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i own a shop ,and it may just be loosing it while you drive it,i gave one of those cars away a while back and it ran really good,it lost all kinds of fluids though,i have seen them loose transmission fluid and never figure out where it went to,i changed the transmission in one because the customer said to,and it never lost anymore,but we never did find out where it was going to,good luck i hope this helps.

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you may want to check that trans. fluid is not passing into the cooling system from the transmission cooler inside the radiator. remove radiator cap (engine cool) and take a look inside. if coolant appears like a strawberry milkshake have a radiator shop pressure check cooler.

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It could be leaking at the radiator ,where trans cooling lines connect.
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