1975 VW Super Beetle 1600?

Does the 1975 VW Super Beetle 1600 have A/C or for that matter any VW Beetle have A/C and I do not want to hear about the New Beetles


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The mexican beetles had ac, and there have been kits in the past for aftermarket ac. My suggestion is, and this is only opion, if you are looking for a older car with ac then a beetle probably shouldnt be the car of choice. The reason I think this is that the beetle is so lacking in power in the first place that adding on a compressor will just slow it down so much more. Besides thats not what driving a beetle is about. Perhaps you should look into a sliding rag top sun roof, either stock vw that could be welded in, or a aftermaket one that is sold through vw trends advertisers and would not require welding. Im not trying to insult you by leading you away from ac, just trying to show you easier, cheaper opions that will alow you to keep as much power as possible.

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Not positive, but I never heard of one with A/C.

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Nope. VW never offered it. No room to fit it, no real heating system to tie it into & not enough ponies in the engine to run the compressor.

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I believe that once you could purchase a cylinder looking apparatus that you would fill with water and suspend on the drivers or passenger window.
Air rushing through the tube was cooled by the water and funnelled into the car as you drove. This worked quite well as I've read.
If you've ever stood in line at an amusement park in the summer then you would have experienced something similar with the water fans they run to keep park patrons cool. Also, on the sidelines of any football game you'll see the barrell fans that use the same water/mist approach to cooling.
You may be able to replicate this with a little creative engineering or even find one of the originals...best of luck to you.

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There are aftermarket kits for the beetle. There is a company in California called ICE that makes A/C for older beetles.

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Gilmore-enterprises out of Clearwater FL. also makes a very good A/C system

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The last couple years VW made the Beetle it was an option, however not many people purchased it because of the amount of power it drained from the engine to spin the compressor.

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Modern day compressors require very little power to turn and you hardly notice, so get some A/C and be comfortable.

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Also, this is a superbeetle only website that is great for info, pics, events and racing info.

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The answer to your question is yes! VW did make and offered an a/c option for all the 71 thru 78 super beetles back then but with the motor only giving out a lowly 58hpw the a/c compressors they were using back then took a whopping amount of hpw (8 hpw) just to allow the system to work properly so cruising above 55 mph was the only time the system could be effeciantly ingaged. Now there is a company out of houston Tx, that makes retro fitted more efficiant a/c compressors as a replacement unit that only uses 3 hpw to work. sorry i dont know the name of the company off hand but you could look them up on google. I hope this helps and good luck.
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