1992 Lincoln Continental won't start?

Put new sparkplugs in. Started up and let it idle for about 5min.Turned it off to check if it would start up again and it didn't.Took out sparkplugs and they were wet with gasoline.Could this be the problem and would it be the fuel pressure regulator or maybe the Idle Air Control Valve?


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hold one of the spark plug leads about one quarter of an inch from the engine block with INSULATED pliers. have someone crank the engine and check for spark. if no spark problem is in the distributor

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Too much fuel pressure, busted fuel pressure regulator, engine running too cold, such as thermostat, or ect sensor not good, or wiring to it, or the power control module.

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its a really old car so jusyt buy a new 1 4 cryingout loud r u an idiot or sumtin
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  • 1992 Lincoln Continental won't start?
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