1995 GMC Sierra 1500 truck - brake and turn lights work on and off. Changed bulb but same thing. What to do?


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My guess would be a short in your wiring harness. It's old enough, and I don't think the switches connect anywhere else.
It could also be corrosion. How did the sockets look?

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they had problems with the taillights there is a chipboard with contacts they will get corroded and weak which will make them work when they want to .Id unplug it and replace it . there not very expensive

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they had huge problems with these and there are updated pigtails and sockets for the tail lamps and they are cheap from GM check it out at the dealer.

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Use a test light at the connectors for the rear tail lights when the truck acts up. You will have to remove both lamps to access the connector. If the test light works when you use the brakes or the turn lights, you most likely have the ground fault problem associated with a poor circuit board that houses your lights. You will need to replace these if this is the case. If you have no power to the test light when you use the brakes or the turn lights and you are sure your ground is good, the most likely thing that has happened is the wires leading to the multifunction switch inside the column are broken. This will take some time to confirm as this is expensive. Quickest way to start confirmation is to look at the high mount brake lamp bulb while the brake lights are not working. Usually this one works when the others don't which would indicate as described. Good luck.

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hi,, classic problem and very common with this vehicles. locate main ground at driver side rear main harness for this brake and turn lights ,(chassis level) below the driver side rear lights assembly and check for good contact to ground. you are looking for a black 18gage wire crimped to three 18gage wires that supplies ground to this lights. you might need to recrimp the connections, or replace the crimp connector . good luck.

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they have tail light modules and the always rust out
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