What do u think of the new civic 2007 type s gt (black, glass roof) ??


Model 2008 - already ?

I liked the old style of the civic, ( '96 ) it had alot of upgrades and body kits available, but the new ones are still civics, meaning, the leaders in gas and performance, but, if you want a car that never dies (not that the civic isnt a long stander) the accord will get 250K easy with regular oil changes alone...

I have A Camry 1999 and I have a rattling inside the hood, I just change the timing belt.?

I wonder about the saftey when a crash occurs with all of the glass.what if there is a small child in the back..hhmmmm. It loks nice, but Id worry

How do i remove ignition cylinder from 1992 ford taurus wagon without key?can i drill out the little push pin

Not sure what a type s gt is but I have a black EX with the sunroof and hate it. It's slow, the radio sounds like crud and the thing has more rattles than a horse drawn carriage.

Will a motor out of a 95-96 dodge avenger(2.0 16 valve) fit in a 95 Eclipses (2.0 16 valve)?

yeah.. she right ...glass + accident=doesn't work out and what is a gt version of a civic, what country is that
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