What causes this on an HEI distrib?



How bad is the Chrysler Crossfire?

Either the rotor tab on the end is too long or the inserts inside the cap are not indexed properly.

Got a bmw e30 318i brake light sensor on all the time but no brake pad sensor at the wheel not even the wire?

Try this: Remove the rotor. Push the weight and spring plate directly away from you. Pull it toward you. If there is slop in the upper distributor bushing or a worn distributor shaft you will feel a chucking feeling in your hands. You may need a shaft or an upper shaft bushing. Occasionally both need to be replaced. Remove the distributor from the car. Punch the roll pin out of the cam / oil pump (black) drive gear. Pull the gear off the shaft and slide it out of the distributor housing. Check the bushings inside the distributor housing (one on top and bottom) for excessive clearance with the center shaft. All parts are replaceable from GM.. All they need is the distributor part number. Good Luck. You'll do fine!

What is the best lift kit for a 1999 jeep wrangler?

too much juice, or the current is arc-ing.

What kind of after market wheels would look good on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring??

Make sure your cap is on correctly... feel around the bottom and make sure it is seated right.

Looking for a true toyota freak, think you can answer this?

Your rotor was loose,or cap,or your distributor is worn out badly.Good luck
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