1990 Ford ranger xlt ignition switch wireing diagram?

Need to know what color wires go to ignition switch on this vehicle.

Mk2-mk3 Supra Drifting ?



In a 1999 honda civic is there a factory amp?

OK, this is for "89" Bronco 2 / Rangers by circuit, color, and therminal number. 37 Y BATT. , 687 GY/Y ign pin A2 of switch (two of them) 208 GRY pin P2, 128 P/Y pin P1, 329 PK (start) pin ST, 16 R/LG (run)pin I1 , 262 BR/PK )start) pin I2, 297 BK/LG ( ign , accy)pin A1. Like I said this is for 89,"s, but I don't think they changed that year.

Where is the oil filter and drain plug on my 02 jetta?

Well, if you tell me what size motor, I can try to help. I have info from 92 and own a 91...you can contact me via email if you wish.
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