1988 silverado cranks for long time sometimes twice before it will start?


Which Kind of car engine is better. Twin Cam? or VTech?

First try and prime the carburetor with fuel. It sounds like either the carburetor has no gas in it or the fuel filter may have a minor plug. Either way it sounds like a fuel supply problem

My Husband Has A 99 Suburban... What Gift Should I Get Him?

Battery or alternator. Test the battery first to eliminate it as a possibility...

Reverse Light Switch on Laguna II?

well, as long as it starts...who really cares?

Installing stroked engine into Jeep.?

Could be a number of things relating to fuel or ignition.

Can a stopped up catylatic converter stop a 1996 dodge 1500 from firing?

Cap & rotor went quite often in these.Not a 4.3 by any chance?
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