1995 ford windstar?

my door open light stays on after all the doors are closed, what can it be


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There is a switch located in each of the doors about the size of your pinky finger. These switches are very common for not working properly in many Ford vehicles. I myself have had to replace them in my Ranger and Windstar as well. The switch is a dealer only part and the last one I bought was about $10. The thing is you got to find which one is bad which can be a task in itself. Sometimes its better to replace all the switches....(which I did) to eleminate all doubt. It takes someone that has some knowledge to replace these because you have to take apart the interior of the door. You cannot see them in the door cause they are in the lock mechanism. You can only remove and install them by feel. They can be a headache, not only will it keep the "door open" light on, they also will not let the vehicle alarm be set (if equipped) when these switches are bad.

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Probrably have a door ajar switch stuck, the key is to identify which switch or possibly mulitple switches. Most common switches in that model are the rear hatch switches, but it could be in the front or sliding door as well.

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that what happened with my ford windstar if you clean all of the locks and door jams for dust and grease it might work or check the dim light if its on or take it to the dealer to check the electrical out it might be the fuse or it might be a defalted code in the computer or something or just drive off and it it will turn off and be offbut the dashboard light will still be on

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glad to help hope u fix that problem

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I think the switchs are in the locks on that year.get some WD40 and spray the heck out it in the locks opening and closing the drs. a few times do all drs. and I'll bet that light goes off this is all the dealers do.anyway.(Most times)
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