1991 K1500 with lack of power.?

I have a 91 Chevy K1500 (5.7l and 35 inch tires) and since I took it through some mud and water last night I've had no power. I go offroading almost daily but this is my first problem. I took off the air cleaner and let everything dry out but it still barely has enough power to spin the tires. It's been driven for about 20 miles like this so I'm pretty sure it isn't still water in the engine. Do you think it might be water in the distibutor? Also, do you know a better way than oil to keep a throttle from sticking?


BMW 540i spare tire?

I would do a compression check and inspect each spark plug. Graphite or a teflon based lube may help...don't use silicone, it eats rubber. Last choice, replace the cable and grease the inner cable prior to installation.
Good luck

Fiat punto camshaft?

time for a new engine

Are Ford explorers good cars?

Check your O2 sensor. Mud has a nasty habit of knocking the wires off O2's
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