1990 olds 98 with a 440 trans?

can i put a 4T60 in?if so what changes need to be made


Integra Vs Prelude, which one is over all better?

You need to be careful swapping out aFWD transaxle, because they are many different final drive ratios,and stall speed t-converters depending on what it came out of.My experience tells me this car is probably geared high and has a low stall converter.Stick with one that was behind a 3.8 and similiar body style gm car and up to 92 year model.also after 93 they were all computer shift and will not interchange.

What kind of rims should I get for my Jet Balck BMW 325i 2003?

i own a repair shop ,and my cross over book says it wont work,it doesn't give many details on it either,and i have never tried it before,I'm sure if this book says it wont there's a good reason for it saying that,good luck,i hope this helps.

Fitting tail lights on a Fiat Punto Mk1?

Physically, it will fit but the full designation for 4T60 is 4T60E where "E" stands for "Electronically Controlled". You will have to deal with a bunch of computer-related stuff that your vehicle doesn't even have. Is it possible? Sure. Is it worth the trouble? If you ask me - no.
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