1986 Volvo 240 GL Problem Gasoline level Mechanical?

I own a 1986 Volvo 240 GL. When the gasoline tank is full, the car runs great. When the gasoline level hits the halfway mark or below, the car starts acting up. At times when I hit the accelerator it feels like the car is going to run out of gas/loses might/shakes a bit. I have to let go of the accelerator for a second and then press down on it again for the car to run normally.
I was wondering if this problem rings a bell for any mechanics or automobile experts?? Is there a simple solution I can try (i.e. fuel injector cleaner or gas treatment, etc.)?? Any suggestions or helpful comments are appreciated.


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Check and change your fuel filter. You should still use the gas treatments as well. You may want to check the fuse and relay for the fuel pumps. Also check the spark plugs.

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Well, I'm not a mechanic, but I drove a 940 (similar car to a 240) and I have a truck with the same issue.

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More than likely, I would say your fuel pump or your fuel filter is either gunked up or dying. When a filter or pump has deposits in it, it takes more gravity (a full tank) for adequate fuel to make it to the engine. When it gets lower, less force from the fuel weight is able to push gas into the pump.

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If this is the case, the parts are not very expensive. I know some models of Volvos are known for fuel pump issues.

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And if it is the fuel pump, gas treatment will probably have little help. That's designed for use in the engine.

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Good luck,

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this has been a periodic 2 series complaint for years here's the cure.
first check fuse #4 for corrosion clean and replace as required.
second if blown or blows new fuse suspect in tank fuel pump
[note even with a new fuse the pump may still be bad (not taking the current)
third replacement of this pump is a shop job and the pre-filter sock should be replaced at this time
lastly running like this without the proper repair strains the main pump and shortens it's life and you would do well by it by at least replacing the main filter at same time in-tank pump is replaced. i personally recommend bosch pumps and filters as bargain brands have never held up . good luck
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