1990 chevy 454ss c1500 wont start, can some one help?

so a while back i was washing my engine (this is the first time i ever washed it) i sprayed some simple green and put the pressure gun on the water hoses and wet the whole engine, i left it alone and let it air dry while i washed the outside of the truck. when i finished washing i tryed to turn on the engine but the battery was dead, put their was nothing on that could have drained it. i think i disconnected the battery and connected it again and that battery came back to life and the truck started. however the next day i tryed turning it on and the same thing happened, the battery was dead. i got it to start in the same manner again and left it running for a while then it was fine. after a few days of sitting i tryed turning it on and the battery was dead once again but now disconnecting and connecting the battery wont start to the truck i'm guessing i shorted something with the water. anyone know what is causing my battery to die? what do i have to replace or clean?


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Clean the battery cable ends and posts.

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First off all never wash your engine unless all the vital computer and electrical components are covered. 1st, pop off your distributor cap and take a high pressure air hose and blow out any remaining moisture under the cap and rotor. A hair dryer works good if you do not have a compressor. Open the cover on the fuse box/computer under the hood and do the same. Use the hair dryer to dry it as much as possible. To be honest it sounds like you might have shorted out the computer or got some water where it shouldn't be. Good Luck!

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It's not as simple as replace this or that. It does sound like your battery is toast, but to be sure get an AVR check run on your battery,start, charging system to be sure. This will tell you for sure what is good for sure, likely the starting and charging systems. If that all checks good, it will likely condemn the battery. Wash the motor all you want, but make sure you dry it off well as the more water left around parts that get hot the more corrosion is likely to occur. Good luck.

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Sounds like you had such a bad connection to the batter it would not recharge. Most newer GM vehicles if the battery is to low or you have a faulty connection it will burn out the alternator. But I would check the battery and your connections first.

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if i were you i would remove the top part of the coil pack and mae sure there is not moisture under it, sounds like to me the coil pack is drawing moisture, which means its junk
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