1987 ford tempo and it will crank but wont start, it has no spark.?

we have replaced evrything that we can think of ... the distributer cap, the altenator, the spark plugs and wires, the coil...but still no spark!! the thing will not start and i need it to be runnig like yesterday. please some one help me..


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it could be flooded.

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try replacing the ignition module. very common on these vehicles. It is mounted on the side of the dristributor.

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It could also be the pick-up coil which is under the distributor cap.

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easy.. ignition module.
Ford had a major recall from 1986 to 1993 on ignition modules. Not all of them were bad tho.

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Ah yes, the old "no spark" devil raises its' ugly head once again! I too, spent allot of time and money replacing electrical parts. The answer turned out to be MECHANICAL!
The camshaft which turns the distributor was broken!
Take the distributor cap off, and see if it turns when you crank the engine over. If not, you have found your problem!
If the distributor does not move when you crank the engine over, the most likely cause is a broken distributor shaft or gear. (My camshaft being broken was a freak thing). Don't
be scared by prices from parts houses or dealers if you need another distributor. You can get a perfectly good used one from Pic-A-Part for under $40.00.

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ignition fuse? ignition control module too if it's an electronic ignition instead of a vacuum advance. Good Luck

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check the ignition coil. make sure all the conections are tight. if its bad replace. cold be a modulator on the side of the distributor if equiped . that is a lil more expensive. easy to change though. the only other thing after that is the timming. could be way out of wack . just guessing there.

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I would check the coil and ignition box. I had an ignition box go bad on a 1988 ranger that was doing the same thing.

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Sounds like you changed everything to me. One thing though.. Have someone crank the engine while you look at the distributor with the cap off. See If the Rotor that sits Inside the distributor spins. Could be a broken rod. Gd luck.
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