1990 Pontiac Sunbird, stalling problem?

I have a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird, and this morning as I was leaving my development to go to work, it just started stalling as I was driving it.. I've noticed a few symptoms in the past couple of weeks, but it never actually stalled until today. It starts fine, but as soon as I start driving, it just stops... Any ideas on what the problem could be? (I do have an appointment at the garage on Monday, just trying to get a general idea..) Thanks!!


Good Ol.. Chevy Cavaliers..?

Sounds like you need to change your fuel filter.
if the car still starts then your fuel pump is still working but the gas can't get through the filter. thay are reitivly cheep compared to a fuel pump and should be changes every 15-20,000 mils or once a year never mind the milage water and dirt sit on the bottom of the filter and it creats rust inside
even thou there not sapose to . you can change it your self in the driveway in about 10-30 mins it will save you big $$$$$
good luck Brad

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No just warm it up and maybe if there's snow you just leave it on for at least ten minutes with the heat.

Why do people feel so strongly about either Fords or Chevys?

Lets see...the problem may lie in the fact that its a GM car built in 1990 which means it will definitely be a non-reliable piece of garbage. I would blue book it, find out if the cost of repairs exceed the worth of the car, which it probally does, then throw it away. Cheers!

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Could be a lot of things. Your car is not fuel injected so you the carbuerator could be clogged, it might need adjustment or it might even need rebuilding/replacement. There is probably a mechanical idle speed adjustment as well that should be checked. Your mechanic will know what to do just wait until Monday and explain what's happening.

What is the Timing Belt settings on a 1992 toyota truck or when can I find them?

If you have to play around with it you can ensure that the airfilter is clean. Underneith the airfilter there will be a throttle mechanism that controls the airflow into the engine - make sure those components are well lubricated and operating smoothly. You will see what is often referred to as the "butterfly" under neith the air filter - if you step on the gas pedal you will see it open and close when you let off. Make sure it's operating correctly.

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just let the mechanic tell you what it is. plenty of if's and's or but's here, but if you are taking it in anyways, no need for arm-chair diagnostics.

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Those were common for wiring problems due to oil soaking, look around the front of the engine and also in the driver front there are some wires there that I have seen bad connections at.hth

I want to build a 334 stroker motor for my pickup. It has a 305 in it. How big of injectors will I need?

lock up torque conterter solenoid
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