1995 Ford Probe problems?

Whenever i come to a stop (or put in the clutch) the car acts like it wants to stall out. Also the check engine light is on. As i drive it will turn off but then the car will jerk and the engine will pause for a split second and the CEL will come back on. I have replaced the plugs, fuel filter. Friend says it could be the injectors. Any other suggestions?


Do you know where i could find an old dodge charger?

did you check your vacum lines , there might be a colapsed or disconected hope this helps .,

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Take it to Autozone and get the error codes read. That way you will know what to replace.

Ignition will not turn 2003 chevy malibu?

oxygen sensor, pcv valve, running regular gas opposed to probe's loving supreme? plug wires?
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