1992 Saturn has rich fuel. What does that mean/?


1996 Honda Engline light- it's back!?

I own a shop, and can tell you this; It means you have too much fuel coming into the engine. It can be caused by the injectors clogged up, and staying in the open position, as in not closing off completely. This allows the pressurized fuel to keep flowing into the engine even when it should not be. A bad injector may be the culprit also. A plugged up air filter may cause this to happen, so check that out too.
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Where is the 2000 honda accord manual transmission fill bolt located?

It's getting too much gas.

Got a BMW 3 SERIES auto,the car jerks when its on the lower gears,the garage said when the car is slowing down

Automobiles use a mixture of gasoline (fuel) and air to atomize the fuel being delivered to the intake valves, and cylinders.

I have a turbo 350 auto trans that wont shift to drive.?

A car with "rich fuel" means that air flow is below appropriate levels, and therefore there is too much fuel in the fuel/air mix.

I need a replacement antennae and a side mirror for my dodge..where can i buy that?

There are lots of causes including fuel filters, air filters, O2 Sensors, on board computer, or anything that is in the line between the fuel tank and the cylinder.

Headlights for a 99-04 Mustang??Any suggestions anyone??

Get an OBD reader (ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS) and see if you can pull the appropriate code to help you troubleshoot the problem.. Some auto parts store will lend (or rent) an OBD reader to you, so that you know which parts to buy

Vw golf mk3. can anyone tell me, if, when the "oil service" is displayed, is my engine at risk.?

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